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Launch of Sales and Rentals

SASC Japan Inc. has been acting as Japanese agent for Mi SWACO (USA), which supplies drilling systems for oil and gas production, since it establish in 1997. We started ales and rental business of equipment Slurry Control hot spring drilling and civil engineering work, such as sewerage work, and have been engaged in the development of oil natural gas, CCS (Carbon dioxide subterranean storage) Project, scientific drilling (Mt. Unzen-Fugen, NanTro SEIZE Deep riser drilling, etc.) and geothermal development in Japan, onshore and offshore.

In 2002, we became the distributor for SWECO (USA) in Japan, and launched distribution of industrial machine.
The separators of SWECO offer versatile applications; Chemical, food, beverage, paint , powder coating, pharmaceutical, plastic, pulp , ceramic, textile, gum, mineral and non-ferrous metal.
Mi SWACO entrust all the production of the machineries to SWECO after its acquisition. In a related move, SWECO developed the optimal shaker, MM2HS (Japanese name: YAEN) for geothermal drilling and drilling for Japanese market and they supply it to us. We launched its sales and rental and the MM4-PT on market.

Development of Potable Vacuum System (Moby Dick)

SASC Japan Inc. became the Japanese agent Katch Kan (Canada), the world-class manufacturer of Rig Safety System and Zero Spill System, in January 2004. In this first year, the system is adapted to the drilling field of YUFUTSU Mine of Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd., and has been used in onshore rig and on offshore.

In 2007, we started the development of the Potable Vacuum System (Moby Dick), our experience which has been used in onshore rig, offshore drilling platform. It is currently used in Mi SWACO in Asia operations, Katch Kan (Canada), and "Chikyu". In the days to come, our Moby Dick will be spread to the world via Mi SWACO and Katch Kan.

Pet Clinic

In 2010, we moved into the field of Pet industry.
We opened Shimizu Animal Clinic in Fukuoka. The staff, 1 veterinarian, 14 veterinary technician (including 1 part timer) engaged in the medical treatment the animals from Fukuoka, Kyushu area and Yamaguchi prefecture.