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Products Information

  • moby dick

    Your crew may enjoy the super powerful pneumatic vacuum cleaner "MOBY DICK" with fully automatic operations.

    It starts work with one (1) inch diameter air hose at Rig air inlet only. Just open the valve from Rig air supply, immediately after you can suck up spills. Filling pneumatic float switch module located upper inside of reservoir tank shall turn on, once filled and stored collecting spilled drilling fluids and cuttings reaches the maximum upper level, diaphragm pump discharges the stored spills instantly. After discharged all of spills out and the spills level come to bottom of empty, automatically re-starts vacuum action.

    The units comes complete sets with 2"suction hose, 3" discharging hose and suction handle with nozzle as well.

    →details from here

    【SASC JAPAN INC. is Portable rig vacuum manufacturer】